The Platform For Spot-Buy Freight.

One automated process to quote, approve, book, track, audit and analyze freight.

Better. Faster. Cheaper.

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Cargobase PRO is the platform used by enterprises to manage all their Spot-Buy or On-Demand Freight.

These type of freight are defined as freight that falls outside the regular flow. Think project freight, expedites, oversized cargo, and one-off shipments.

Our Fortune 500 shippers have benefited from over 35% in cost savings, full transparency and the control they get from using our platform.

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shippers in over 40 countries bring their on-demand freight online with Cargobase.

One platform for you, your colleagues and suppliers

It can be used by Logistics Operations, but also other functions that are involved with Spot-Buy Freight.


"I can enter my shipment requests, and follow the process."


"I organise quote requests and shipments without a single email."


"I approve shipments with a single click on my phone and be in the known."


"I have full transparency on what we spent, with who and why."


"I can quote faster and better as I know what my customer wants."

Book & Manage

Set the rules and compare solutions across freight modes in a single click.

“By having all potential solutions in a single screen, I can make better business decisions faster.”

Automate the shipment lifecycle
More than just tracking - way more
Cargobase track and trace

Book & Manage

Every shipment has an activity feed with automated tracking and messaging to give all stakeholders full visibility.

“Once I book a shipment, my team, manager, supplier, customs broker and even customer can follow the shipment process if needed.”


Harvest your own data, raw, cleansed or calculated, but always verifiable at the source. No longer rely on 3rd party summaries. 

“Every Monday at 8:30am I receive an automated report with what we’ve shipped, why, to whom and for how much. Just like that.”

Track performance - real time
Cargobase analytics

Supply chain excellence

Customise your account to have it meet your company’s specific needs by the switch of a button. to keep it clean, simple and user-friendly. 

11 freight modes

approval flows

5 languages






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