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Cargobase analytics
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Keep track of performance  

Track how specific areas of your supply chain are performing. You decide what to track – it could be freight volume, spend or on-time performance.

Track your company's performance

A rich insight into what is going on, why, where and how.

Spot-Buy Reasons

What is the reason for the spot-buy shipment in the first place?

Identifying Lanes

Are there frequently used lanes that can be contracted?

Invoice Performance

How fast do invoices get processed? Are you meeting your payment terms?

Cost Allocation

Is it clear who is responsible for the cost of the spot-buy shipment?

Spending Patterns

How is my spending distributed across my org – do some business units require additional attention?

Compliance Check

Do my shipments get procured in line with company policy? Are we getting enough estimates?

Track your provider's performance

Get a better understanding of what is being quoted, delivered and invoiced.

Response Time
Are your providers quoting fast enough to meet business requirements?
On-Time performance

Are your shipments being delivered as per what was promised?

Rate Patterns

Do you get consistent rates and are they in line with market trends?

Quoting Performance

Are your providers competitive enough to keep inviting them to quote?

Delay Reasons

Why are shipments delayed and can we identify a root cause?

Quoted vs Actual Cost

Does the invoice match the quote?

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