Pay and get paid on-time.

Ensure every spot-buy invoice is accounted for.
Cargobase audit invoices

Close your invoice gap

Stop leaking, and close the gap in your invoice audit process.

Because we do not rely on paper documents, nested email threads or ‘who approved this shipment for that rate?’-finger pointing, you regain control over all invoices.

In Cargobase, you manage the lifecycle of a shipment, from initial request, through booking and tracking all the way until invoicing. All audit information is right there.

Generic solution Cargobase Pro
Match quotes with invoices
Flag invoice exceptions
Booking approval history
Shipment tracking exceptions

Full lifecycle invoice audit process

Our standardised spot-buy freight invoice process is designed to increase on-time payment and reduce payment errors.


The payment process kicks off upon shipment delivery.


The provider uploads all supporting documents.​


Automated verification of the quoted and final data.


Automated approval workflow with access to all audit trails.


Payment instruction exchange by API or EDI.


Understanding your invoice approval is difficult enough, let alone if you have multiple systems and sources to align.

Cargobase helps you identify process waste, recurring bottlenecks and quality defects.

Paperwork reduction
Reduce paperwork by 68%
Approval lead time reduction
Reduce paperwork by 82%
Exception coverage
Reduce paperwork by 91%
Cargobase Invoice audit

Shipment Summary

All relevant shipment data is automatically gathered and converted into a single shipment summary.

An LSP is then able to attach any relevant additional documentation, verify overall cost and submit a single combined invoice.

All information is naturally linked all the way back to the Shipment request.

Routing of the shipment summary can be configured to meet the specific set-up of a payment provider or audit team. 

Plug & Play Integrations

Speed up payment processing and learn more about spot-buy spending patterns.


Including spot-buy freight data
with your regular data.


Connect your Freight Audit
& Payment Partner


Export data to your own
data warehouse.

Since we started using Cargobase, 100% of our freight invoices are now captured in an automated audit process.

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