Automotive Giant

JIT Supply Chain & Spot Buy Freight,
it's not always love at first sight.

  • Complications on the frontline are everyday challenges faced by automotive plant’s logistics staff, who have the task of organizing and coordinating spot-buy freight with multiple providers across the globe. This is done at strict schedules and under immense time pressure. A single mistake can cost millions in consequential damages. Contact us to hear how Cargobase managed to put standard process in place for an automotive giant, which helped automate the previously manual task of managing such critical events. Today their logistics staff is able to focus on what matters most for the business, while keeping an eye on the cost.

  • “The automotive supply chain is among the most demanding and complex supply chains, where spot-buy freight has become the ‘new norm’, to avoid disruptions in production schedules. ”

  • Challenges Faced

    • Lack of a process which often leads to shipment delays and additional cost.
    • Traditional ways of communicating with multiple providers (emails & phonecalls) create additional work and stress for operational staff.
    • Every logistics provider presents itself as a "one-stop shop" with limitless capabilities, when it clearly isn’t the case.
    • Having no system in place makes it impossible to control cost and keep company compliance standards.
  • The Cargobase Solution

    In a knowledge-transfer exercise, we touched base with the customer's current logistics providers to bring them up to speed on the platform.

    We implemented new, more efficient and effective processes with operational staff.

    We provided a Cloud-based platform that requires zero installation, allowing a fast implementation — contrary to traditional software deployment and training approaches.

    "Our plants are now able to
    source solutions in minutes —
    better, faster and cheaper." Global Logistics Director Automotive Tier-one

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