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Cargobase goes Ocean Freight

Singapore, 30 November 2016 – Cargobase, the online platform for spot-buy freight, announced today the addition of ocean freight as an available freight mode that can be procured and managed through its platform. This is in addition to the five other freight modes Cargobase already supports: Aircraft Charters, On-Board-Couriers, Next-Flight-Out, Regular Air Freight and Road Freight.

“We are pleased and excited to add the ocean freight mode to Cargobase, as it opens up unprecedented opportunities for our platform, and will help us better serve the industry.” shares Wiebe Helder Chief Executive Officer, Cargobase. “We have seen a significant demand for, and – through communication with our global network of providers and shippers – received significant interest from enterprise shippers to convince us that including Ocean Freight into our suite of solutions is a diagonal step in the right direction, as it serves to broaden as well as deepen our offerings” he adds.

Starting today, Enterprise Shippers will be able to source Ocean Freight Mode on top of five other modes of transport on the Cargobase platform. This is part of Cargobase’s ongoing innovation in creating a platform that allows logistics professionals to seamlessly manage all aspects of a spot-buy freight transaction.

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