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Cargobase, the online platform for spot-buy freight, has successfully launched a much-requested feature by Fortune 500 multinationals in the semiconductor and electronics industries.

The feature allows shippers to better manage – on a single platform – both spot-buy lanes and pre-negotiated lanes within ad hoc freight procurement.

Comparing the process flows of spot-buys and pre-negotiated lanes. The Lane-Contract feature recognises pre-negotiated lanes and helps shippers assign shipments to providers automatically. Avoiding unnecessary spot-buy.


Shippers are now able to assign Lane-Contracts – which have been pre-negotiated, perhaps through a tender, based on address, airport and freight mode – to a provider of choice. This allows shippers to view offers and/or work simultaneously with multiple providers already with lane-contract rates on rack, instead of viewing only spot-buy rates.

The feature is ideal for irregular shipments that happen often enough for providers to put a rate in place for a certain period, like “Next-Flight-Out” or “Hot-Shots” for example. “In a spot-buy environment, where it is characteristically urgent and hectic, most shippers readily accept exorbitant ‘a la carte’ spot-buy rates, not realizing they might have locked-in rates with a dedicated provider per lane, for instance. The Lane-Contracts feature takes into account shippers’ preferences and pre-assigned provider.” Wiebe Helder, CEO of Cargobase shares.


Lane contracts can be based on address, airport and freight modes

“The cost savings are obvious, as shippers can now instruct the system, much like saying “I’ll have the usual” and prioritize Lane-Contracts, further optimizing their entire ad hoc freight procurement process.”

The feature is now live.


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