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Cargobase, the online platform for spot-buy freight, has successfully on-boarded another major logistics service provider. With this latest addition, Cargobase officially secures 10 of the Power 25 Air Freight Providers ; a major accomplishment for the tech start-up, on its mission to become the must-have spot-buy freight solution for enterprise shippers.

Launched in 2014, Cargobase is a platform created to automate a standard process for the management of spot-buy freight, by providing shippers real-time procurement, tracking, payment, analytics and compliance tools.

Over and beyond an API to automate shipment tracking, Cargobase typically offers – both shippers and providers – further optimization developments that automate manual tasks, enhance integration, and improve efficiency.

“Our mission to solve a growing problem in the industry, is starting to take flight. Providers who once saw our solution as a threat, are now identifying us as a channel for new sales opportunities instead.” Wiebe Helder, CEO of Cargobase. “Having the in-depth knowledge of the spot-buy freight market and being independent is key to our success. Companies are more willing to open up and acknowledge that there is a problem, and that it is growing, and that the industry, as a collective, needs to evolve and solve it.”

With Cargobase, shippers can manage multiple providers at the same time for their spot-buy freight, and are free to use their provider of choice. A shipper starts off by connecting their current providers, after which Cargobase can make introductions to new providers based on the shipper’s needs to further optimize their supply chain.

“Having the in-depth knowledge of the spot-buy freight market and being independent is key to our success."

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