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Cargobase Directory

Get access to new business opportunities by having your companies profile being shared with decision makers of the largest enterprises worldwide.

Cargobase Analytics

Get access to realtime and historical data to know you performance at anytime and be able to get smarter at winning business.


Connect your internal systems to Cargobase and automate more throughout the quoting, job creation, tracking and invoice stage of a shipment.

Cut down on lead times, make data-driven decisions and reduce manual processes.

Creating opportunities for all logistics service providers

Whether you are small, big, local or global.

Local Player

Local or regional logistics service providers that differentiate themselves by having the local know-how to get the job done.

Freight Forwarder

The global logistics service providers that are supported by their global network and large volumes to support competitive solutions.


The niche players that are the go-to for their core-business, may it be for a specific freight mode or industry they cater to.

We believe providers and shippers should equally benefit from technological advances in the freight industry.

Our Customer Base

Make our customer and potential customer base your customer base. From Fortune 500 to SME.
The Cargobase Platform is used across various industries across 39 countries.
Oil & Gas


Straightforward pricing. All in US Dollar.


for providers looking for new business
$ 499
  • Directory Listing
  • Analytics Access
  • Integrations (API)


for providers who want to work smarter
$ 1499
  • Directory Listing
  • Analytics Access
  • Integrations (API)


for providers who want to work faster
$ 2499
  • Directory Listing
  • Analytics Access
  • Integrations (API)

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Is signing up for free ?

If a shipper invites you to join, you can do so for free. If you want to join the Cargobase Directory and be noticed by large enterprises you will have to pay the annual subscription fee. 

When do I get a login ?

We will not give you a login to the platform without the instructions from a shipper that wants to do business with you. The moment a shipper tells us they want to add your company to their provider pool we will create your account and provider login details. 

How is our profile shared with shippers?

In two ways, firstly through our email campaigns that we send out to potential customers on a regular basis. Secondly, whenever we engage with a potential or new customers for the first time they will ask use for the Cargobase Database. 

What if an existing customer start using Cargobase ?

That means you will be able to serve your customer even better if you subscribe for the analytics feature or start using the available integrations. 

Do I need to install anything ?

The platform is accessible through any modern web-browser. We highly suggest that you download the mobile app for iOS if you’d like to manage your shipments on the go. Our mobile app for Android is coming soon. 


How long does the activation take ?

Creating your profile is relatively fast, it is of course up to the shippers if they would like to work with you. Once a shipper is interested we will make an introduction. 

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