Understand your performance better and win more business. 


Cargobase analytics

Quoting performance

Too many logistics service providers are still relying on quoting based on information on a case-to-case basis, not taking into consideration previous quoting data. 

With Cargobase analytics you will be able extract quoting data and the outcome of participated RFQs. All information to increase the chance of winning more business. 

Get a better insight in your quoting performance per shipper. How many times have you been invited, did you quote, did you win or lose? With Cargobase you can easily get the numbers, or just export the raw data and load it into your data visualisation tool of choice.

On Time performance 

Of course your shipments are never late, and even if they are it was probably because the shipment was not ready for pick-up. 

Wouldn’t it be great if you could extract the right data to support that point? The Cargobase analytics feature allows you to craft detailed exports, across all your different entities, freight modes or geographies.

Invoice Reporting

With Cargobase, you can extract everything there is to know about your invoices. Your current outstanding amounts, average approval times. You can easily compare your quotes to the actually invoiced amounts. 

Checking the status of your invoices has never been so simple and fast.

Automated KPI Performance

Lets be honest; are you really able to easily share consolidated reports with your shipper? Save time when generating reports, stop having to reach out to IT every time because you need to get data from 11 different TMS’, just schedule reports with Cargobase, receive an e-mail; et voila.

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