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Understand your performance better and win more business. 

Cargobase analytics

Analytics subscription

With Cargobase analytics you will be able extract quoting data and the outcome of participated RFQs.

Get a better insight in your quoting performance per shipper. How many times have you been invited, did you quote, did you win or lose? With Cargobase you can easily get the numbers, or just export the raw data and load it into your data visualisation tool of choice.

Quoting Performance

With Cargobase analytics you can now easily see how often you were invited to quote, how often you actually did and most importantly; how often you win!
Of course these numbers are available per shipper company, but also at the freight mode or even individual user level.

Total booked value

The perfect spot to review your revenue per shipper across all your teams, worldwide.


If you like pivot tables and getting caught in the rain, if you’re into data and have double a brain then you can export all shipment data to spreadsheets and go data crazy.


Cargobase analytics for Providers is available starting at $87.50 per month when charged yearly, per shipper.

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Provider Analytics subscription

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