The Provider Directory

A network of verified, high quality logistics providers.

Company Profile

Write a short elevator pitch about your company to highlight the points that differentiates you from the other logistics service providers in the competitive freight marketplace. 

Services Offered

Indicate what freight services your company offers. Choose from airfreight, next-flight-out, on-board-courier, air-charter, ocean freight, road freight, parcel and rail freight. 

For those services that you have offered successfully to existing Cargobase customers will be highlighted as verified, to endorse the services you are offered are true. 

Industries Served

It is important for shippers to know what industries you are currently working with to ensure you understand some of the specific requirements they might have. 

For example industries that work with temperature controlled, dangerous or fragile goods.  

General Company Data

Size does matter in some cases. 

Dealing with large enterprises means that you have to comply with their requirements of doing business, such as credit terms, security standards and certification, etc. 


Shipping status transparency is so important these days. Your customers want to know where their stuff is and how long delivery will take. 

But face it, your customer will not be visiting 30 different tracking solutions each day and you don’t want to have to post updates in multiple locations. So let’s connect and make sure you share the details your customer asks – automagically.  

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