The future is integrated

Save time and money by directly integrating into the Cargobase platform.

Forward with technology

We believe shippers and freight forwards should equally benefit from modern technological advances. This means that we provide a single platform for Shippers to manage and control their spot-buy freight. But we don’t stop there. Freight forwarders can also greatly benefit from the Cargobase platform, by directly integrating the Cargobase platform into their own tools and applications.

Cargobase provides generic API documentation for certain services, but also works with your technical team for custom integrations. Together we can drive the industry forward.

Be first to the party

Receive new shipment request instantly. Don’t lose any time between receiving a notification, logging in and duplicating the details into your own booking system. 

A simple ‘push’ into your system will provide all data that you need, right away. 

Cargobase - Quote faster

Quote faster

The technology is supposed to help make things easier. Then why have a sophisticated tool generate a quote and then login to another sophisticated solution but manually copy-paste all details there? 

Wouldn’t it be easier, faster and less error prone if things were just automated? Be the first to respond by automatically uploading your spot-rate into Cargobase. 

“Fixed” rates? No problem! Cargobase supports rate cards across multiple freight modes to make your quote instantly available.

Stop waiting

Did you win the bid? Great, congratulations!

Too bad you spent all morning hitting F5 to find out if you did or didn’t. Have Cargobase send you status updates and booking confirmation directly.

Cargobase - Stop Waiting
Cargobase milestone updates

Say more

Shipping status transparency is so important these days. Your customers want to know where their stuff is and how long delivery will take. 

But face it, your customer will not be visiting 30 different tracking solutions each day and you don’t want to have to post updates in multiple locations. So let’s connect and make sure you share the details your customer asks – automagically.  

Geeky stuff

Cargobase provides generic RESTful api documentation available to any currently active freight forwarder to use right away. This documentation can be found at

For bespoke developments, reach out to and let’s discuss what is possible.

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