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What Happens if You Compare All Possible Freight Modes With One Click?


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More Solutions

Better Options

Higher Savings

The Benefits On Top of the 30% in Freight Savings.

Faster Quoting

Customize your standard quoting process for complex RFQs, easy to setup, edit and review.

Fully Compliant

Put a company approval process in place for a compliant procurement process.


All shipment documentation, tracking updates and chat available for all stakeholders.

Rich Analytics

Access and generate reports to get a better understand of logistics cost and provider performance.

Global Coverage

Being available online, in 5 languages, supporting all currencies, it can be used anywhere.

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All Freight Modes
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Cargobase provides a complete solution in an online platform for shippers to streamline the management of premium freight. It is a customizable process that helps companies to work in a more structured way with their preferred pool of providers.

By providing a single solution to request for quotes, process approvals, book, track and manage shipments Cargobase can help you remain in control – even in time sensitive situations.

Cargobase is a web-based software which enables you to sign-up and start in less than 1 hour. All you need is a computer or smartphone and we will do the rest.


  • Supports all general freight modes (air, ocean, road, rail and parcel)
  • Supports all time critical freight modes (charter, OBC, counter-to-counter)
  • Create RFQs in 2 minutes.
  • Add your own approved logistics suppliers.
  • Set procurement rules (minimum invitees, minimum quotes, etc)
  • Compare freight modes in a single RFQ (e.g. air freight versus parcel)
  • Automated approval flow.
  • 100% compliant and auditable process.
  • Automated reporting for all stakeholders.
  • Reporting on provider rating, on-time / quoting performance.
  • Global solution, multilingual, currency and metric.

Our platform provides a ready-to-use solution for any enterprise shipper and is flexible in nature. This allows the platform to fit in your organization and any specific procurement or compliance regulations you might have.

Let us help you deal with logistics faster, better and compliant.

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