Business Intelligence

Access tools that invite you to take a deeper dive into real-time data, uncovering trends and insights that deliver greater business value.

Data Driven Success

Get unprecedented insights and analytics that can help you make better business decisions. 

Our performance reporting feature allows you to turn actionable insights into faster, smarter, and better business decisions.

You can analyze historical data to take corrective measures and improve delivery performance.

Automated workflows collect data, which automatically feeds into more advanced processes for better execution and increased visibility. 

The Future Of Freight Data Visualization

Data with intuitive visual discovery that will take business intelligence to the next level.

Access Real-Time Data at Any Time

Powerful insights into all possible data points collected through transactions. Use available integrations and templates to enjoy real-time data visualizations in tools like Power BI, Qlik Sense and Tableau.

Volume Analysis

Filter by mode, carrier, supplier, lane, cost center, and customer.

Performance Analysis

View metrics by carrier, supplier, lane, product, and customer.

Usage Analysis

Trend analysis for service and costs, including anomalies.

Financial Analysis

Break down freight costs by Cost Center, Purchase Orders, and Projects.

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