Full Life Cycle
Invoice Audit

A highly-customizable and user-friendly invoice auditing process that is transparent, traceable, and compliant.

User-Friendly Meets Invoice Auditing

Seamlessly navigate the process that is invoice auditing.

Every company has a unique process to handle freight invoices. Legacy systems and external freight audit companies can often lead to lack of transparency and complications.

Our freight invoice matching technology collates all shipment data into a single screen, presenting a full audit-trail of inter-company data, carrier data, and shipment documentation.

Take advantage of our automated state-of-the-art freight invoice matching mechanism, where audit rules, regulations and approvals are customizable within the organization. 

The Future Of Freight Invoice Auditing

A fully customizable invoice process that works, is user-friendly, and delivers measurable results.

Paperwork reduction
Approval lead time reduction

End-to-End Invoice Process

100% transparency and compliance on every processed invoice.

Invoice process activates upon completion of the logistics service.

Carrier uploads all supporting documents and final invoice data.

Automated verification of agreed rates and final invoice data.

Automated exception approval workflow with access to all audit trails.

Approved payment instruction exchanged by API or EDI.

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A Fully Documented and Auditable Process

All your shipment information in one screen.

Get a detailed view and see a line-by-line breakdown of freight charges on both the quote and the invoiced amount.

Built for seamless and efficient reconciliation, receive notifications of any discrepancies flagged by the platform and take action directly in the same screen. 



Cargobase Invoice audit

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