Strategic Freight Procurement

Service quality, time, and cost are the key performance indicators of a successful procurement process.

Explore the Benefits of an Automated Process

Freight procurement that can match your internal compliance processes and enrich your data insights.

Cargobase tender, quoting and rate automation is designed to deliver accurate, real-time market rates for all modes and shipment types.

It has been built to meet the needs of shippers across industries, and across goods, including bulk, finished goods, parts, tools and other equipment. 

Rates are coupled with schedules, and our flexible system supports both manual schedule population plus integration with scheduled carriers.

Freight Tender

Built to simplify and standardize freight tenders. Setup with a few clicks and receive the pricing data from your logistics providers. 

Spend more time on the actual results of the tender than organizing the tender. 

Spot-Buy Freight Management

Take away the burden from any operational department to request, compare, approve and book manually for unplanned shipments. 

Ideal for project freight, expedites, capital equipment, oversized cargo, non-contracted lanes or one-off shipments.

Freight Procurement Results That Set You Apart

21 %

Avg. Cost Avoidance


Avg. Solutions per Request

0 %

Less Emails

A Process That Delivers

A user-friendly experience where shippers benefit from shorter turnaround times, process transparency, and compliance.

Closed Environment

Connect with your preferred network of logistics providers.

Shorter Turnaround

Our proprietary quoting algorithm enables above average turnaround
time for all quote requests.

Process Transparency

Achieve company-wide visibility, across processes, roles and performance tracking.


Our thorough processes ensure company guidelines and rules of the authorities are met, end-to-end.

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Tap into Omnimodal Coverage

Built to support all modes of transportation, and compare pricing and solutions across modes. 

Air Freight, Next-Flight-Out, On-Board-Courier, Air Charters.

Ocean Freight

Rail Freight

FTL, LTL, Specialized Vehicles, Vans, and Sprinters.

Parcel, Small-Pack

Flexible Freight Modes, such as Storage and Warehousing.

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